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Tri-Lateral Head Unit

Designed for narrow aisles.
Specialized equipment that connects the forks and the fork carriage to position the forks on the front, left or right of the forklift, achieving 180° rotation and sideshift without turning the forklift.


– Easy to maintain
– Long service life
– Wear resistant slip support
– Chain drive ensures smooth loading of goods
– High stability slip support from roller guide slides
– 180° rotation and sideshift driven by two hydraulic circuits
– Speed control valve can be adjusted to desired rotation speed
– Swing cylinder for smooth rotation and ensures minimal impact from sudden stop


Capacity @ Load CenterModel Order No.Pallet SizeStrokeWorking SpaceWidthHorizontal Center of GravityHorizontal Center of SideC.OG Gravity of Side Load InsideC.OG Of Side Load OutsideWeightVertical Center of Gravity
KG @MMA/B (mm)CR (mm)C (mm)D/E (mm)HCG (mm)I (mm)N (mm)P (mm)kgVCG (mm)
Hydraulic Flow and Pressure
ModelPressure (Bar)Hydraulic Flow (l/min.)
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement ※