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Quad Steer Transporter

LH Quad Steer Transporter consists of Trailer Transporter and Material Handling Cart. The Material Handling Cart transports loads and the Trailer Transporter transports the Material Handling Cart. Suitable for warehouses and workshops for material distribution.

For short distances, loads can be transported via the Material Handling Cart. For long distances, the Material Handling Cart can be docked onto the Trailer Transporter and pulled by a vehicle.

LH Quad Steer Transporter is durable and can withstand tough operations. The wheels are specially designed for small turning radius. High handling efficiency, high safety performance, low maintenance cost and low input of human and equipment are just some of the advantages brought by LH Quad Steer Transporter.


Trailer Transporter

CapacityModel Order No.Transporter LengthTransporter WidthWorkbench HeightWorkspaceSingle Frame SizeWheel BaseWheel DistanceTurning RadiusWeight
kgL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)A x B (mm)W2 (mm)L1 (mm)W1 (mm)mmkg
1000ZYC10B-001350013503221340 x 105562418738933000330

Material Handling Cart

CapacityModel Order No.Cart LengthCart WidthCart HeightSlider HeightCargo AreaWheel BaseWheel DistanceWeight
kgL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)H1 (mm)A x B (mm)L1 (mm)W1 (mm)kg
500WLC05A-00112556601150311650 x 1180869388110
1000WLC10A-0011245133610083111250 x 11808631124140
1000WLC10A-0021245155010083111550 x 11808631108150
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