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Pallet Inverter – D series

Our D Series Pallet Inverter is designed for operations dealing with heavy loads with similar heights. Suitable for operations loading with forklifts only.

This system is widely used to change pallets to in-house pallets. It also come in handy when the bottom load in the stack is damaged. Using our load inverter, the operator can invert the load and replace the damaged load. This eliminates any need to unstack the load to replace the bottom load.


Place the load onto the pallet inverter. The top arm will clamp downwards to secure the load. After the load is secured, it would rotate 180°. When rotating, the load’s center is aligned with the rotation center, ensuring good stability. The arm clamp can then be released to retrieve the empty pallet.


Capacity @ Load CenterModel Order No.Pallet Inverter SizePlatform SizeFixed Stabilizer SizeOpening RangeRotationWeight
KG @MMW1 x L1 x HD (mm)OR1 (mm)OR2 (mm)°kg
2000/650TPQ20D-0012120 x 2660 x 24661300 x 13001330 x 1700920 - 1600±180°2700
Hydraulic Flow and Pressure
ModelPressure (Bar)Hydraulic Flow (l/min.)Power
16Mpa20 l/min7.5kW
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement ※