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Pallet Changer – B series

Our B Series Pallet Changer allows the operator to swap pallets from beneath the load without necessity for additional human labour.
This system boosts efficiency within operations as it automates the pallet changing process, cutting down manual labor costs.


Feed the load to the pallet changer. With the floor flush design, operators will be able to feed loads via hand pallet truck or forklifts.
The arms of the pallet changer maintain the integrity of the load by clamping securely. After the arms clamp securely onto the load, it would proceed to tilt backwards 105°. The bottom arm can then be released to retrieve or change the pallet.


Capacity @ Load CenterModel Order No.Pallet Inverter SizePlatform SizeUpper Arm Opening zrangeSide Stabilizer Opening RangePallet Clamping RangeRotationWeight
KG @MMW x L (mm)D (mm)OR (mm)OR2 (mm)OR3 (mm)°kg
1500TPQ15B-0015052x 3182 x 29151200600-2050780-1490750-1370105°2800
Hydraulic Flow and Pressure
ModelPressure (Bar)Hydraulic Flow (l/min.)Power
16Mpa20 l/min7.5kW
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement ※