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Load Stabilizer

Designed to press down and stabilize load during transportation.
Prevents goods from slipping or falling during operations. Used to stabilize fragile, high or unstable loads for handling and stacking operations.
Widely used in food and beverage industries and import and export trade.


Capacity @ Load CenterModel Order No.Mounting ClassOpening RangeTypePad SizeBackrest SizeFrame WidthOverall WidthVertical Center of GravityWeightEffective ThicknessHorizontal Center of Gravity
KG @MMmmmmmmmmVCG (mm)kgET (mm)HCG (mm)
1600@600WDQ16D-B001II1180-2100NON - SS915 x 915940 x 1475290084520964165
1600@600WDQ16D-B002II1180-2100NON - SS760 x 760940 x 1475290083019864127
1600@600WDQ16D-B003II1180-2100NON - SS760 x 915940 x 1475290084020464152
1600@600WDQ16D-B004II1180-2100SS760 x 760940 x 14752901040665272124137
1600@600WDQ16D-B005II1180-2100SS760 x 915940 x 14752901040675279124155
1600@600WDQ16D-B006II1180-2100SS915 x 915940 x 14752901040685284124165
1600@600WDQ16D-B007II1360-2280NON - SS1100 x 11001075 x 1470465083034075165
4500@600WDQ45D-C001III1200-2000SS1100 x 450N/A3201100500345183200
6800@600WDQ68D-B001II1200-2000SS1200 x 300N/A3201700500580179200
6800@600WDQ68D-B002II1200-2000SS1200 x 300N/A3202700500576179200
Suitable for Bottled Goods Handling
1600@600WDQ16D-B008II1070-1650NON - SS760 x 760935 x 1420290NO83022736188
1600@600WDQ16D-B009II1070-1650SS760 x 760935 x 1420290NO680302137188
Hydraulic Flow and Pressure
ModelPressure (Bar)Hydraulic Flow (l/min.)
Load Stabilizer (NON - SS)16060
Load Stabilizer (SS)16060
※ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement ※