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Caster Decks

Caster Decks are designed to transport heavy load via ball transfers.
Custom-sized decks are available to fulfill any non-standard requirements.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Structure Dimension 3400 x 2600mm
Primary C-Channel Structure 100 x 50 x 5.3mm (t), Mild Steel
Secondary Frame Structure 50 x 50 x 3mm (t) Angle Bar
6mm (t) flat bar support beam
Caster Wheel C-Channel Mount Structure 142 x 74 x 4mm (t), Mild Steel
Checkered Plate Mild Steel, 4mm (t)
Standard Height 508mm
Castor Wheel Specification Supplier : ALBION
Model : Priority Premier Air Cargo Casters (03XN02028S001C)
Load Cap : 450 lbs.
WHeel Type : Nylon
Caster Density 12.2 pcs/, 280mm pitch
Caster pitch 280mm