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Load Transfer Systems

Development of Load Transfer Systems
Pallet usage have been increasing along with the rapid development of the logistics industry.
It is common for operations to require loads to be transferred from pallets to pallets.
During this process, it is inevitable for pallets to get damaged if they are not handled properly.

Our series of highly efficient Load Transfer Systems are designed to improve the efficiency of pallet conversion.
They all come equipped with hydraulic pump systems and electrical control systems to enable flipping of loads to replace or retrieve pallets.
Load Transfer Systems partnered with forklifts can provide safe and efficient pallet conversions for your operations.

Our Load Transfer Systems have been designed with your needs in mind.
Based on feedback we received from customers, we have developed a series of Load Transfer Systems.

A Series : 90° Rotating Floor Flush
B Series : 105° Tilting Floor Flush
D Series : Single Arm Clamping
E Series : 180° Rotating Dual Arm Clamping
H Series : Lateral Transfer
J Series : Rotating Floor Flush

Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic option available for all Load Transfer Systems.

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